I had the pleasure of spending 6 days with some brilliant and inspiring people in Los Angeles at the 48 Hour Clinical Nutrition course this May.  We covered so many health and nutrition topics in incredible detail, but here are just 5 important take aways:

1. Everyone is Estrogen Toxic.

There are so many estrogen like chemicals in our environment that it’s impossible to escape.  Look up the TV special “The Disappearing Male”, or the news reports on 15% of girls hitting puberty by age 7 in the US if you want to see just how much of an epidemic it is becoming.  Whether your are making too much estrogen because you’re fat, taking it in the form of birth control or beauty products, or just being exposed to it because you’re living and breathing on this earth, we need to detoxify these things every day.  So avoid as many chemical exposures as you can, and eat lots of organic veggies.  A estrogen cleanse from a BioSignature practitioner twice per year is a good idea as well.

2.  When your body is in a rut, you need a big enough push to get out.

Many people are so stressed, toxic, and just beaten down from the standard american diet and way of life that sometimes doing a little just isn’t enough.  If you’re stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels gets you no where and just waste your energy.  If you want to improve your health or body composition but you have really let yourself succumb to the stresses and poor diet habits we often see.  You likely need to make a significant change to your lifestyle, diet, and supplementation is a must.  You can’t fix a body that is depleted with food alone.

3. pH is Incredibly Important

It doesn’t matter how many vitamins and minerals you take in if you are acidic.  Most nutrients like these and antioxidants work by up regulating enzyme functions and activating proteins.  When you are acidic these enzymes and proteins can’t function properly no matter how much help you give them.  Just one more reason to eat lots and lots of alkaline plants.  As Dr. Rakowski puts it, “eat every color, every day.”

4. The Effect of Supplements Depends on Quality and Therapeutic Dosing, and you are not likely to hurt yourself by taking natural nutrients

There is trend of bad information being put out by drug company funded research trying to show that supplements are in-effective.  They often times use a poor quality product and doses so low that they are guaranteed to fail.  They then publish a headline like “vitamin C ineffective in treating XYZ”.  Any integrative medicine or functional medicine practitioner knows that everyone’s biochemistry is unique and people have different needs for different nutrients.  Doing studies using the RDA, which is the bare minimum dosage to prevent death, is hardly going to have a benefit in someone who is clinically deficient or ill.  The overall goal of this attack on supplements is so the drug industry can buy the patents on all these nutrients and classify them as drugs and then charge use 100x more.  Europe is already suffering the effects as the drug companies where able to get a law passed which resulted in thousands of healthy nutrients being banned without ever being shown to have a negative effect.

There are nearly 200,000 prescription related, and 5000 food related deaths each year and 0 from supplements. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/11/01/prescription-drug-deaths-skyrocket/

You can help prevent the loss of our natural health system by taking action through means like this http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/750/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=8806

5. Genetics are Only Options

More and more research is showing that our genetics only account for about 10% of how healthy we will be and how long we will live.  90% of our longevity will be determined by our lifestyle.  Right now it’s estimated that most people are leaving at least 10-12 good healthy years on the table by making poor lifestyle choices.  As we are exposed to more and more toxins and stresses this number is sure to fall.  On top of this, a new research category called epigenetics has shown that your lifestyle will effect the lifestyle of your grandchildren’s children and everyone in between.  We don’t need to live healthier just for ourselves, but we owe it to future generations so they have a chance to thrive and improve the world we bring them in to.  Everyone needs to “eat right, sleep right, talk right, think right, drink right, move right, poop right” every single day.  – Dr. Bob Rakowski

Overall this is probably the best 6 days of leaning I have had, and definitely will affect not only my personal life, but the life of those I train, coach, and inspire.  I would like to publicly thank Dr. Rakowski for doing an excellent job and encourage anyone looking to go into the nutrition field to become a CCN.  It is truly the best nutritional information out there.