The Ultimate Fat Loss Program

If there were a map that showed you exactly what you needed to do for fat loss, it would almost be as good as BioSignature.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to lose fat is to not get a program that is customized for your body.  If there were a one size fits all program that worked, everyone would be using it by now.  Not only does BioSignature guide you on your fat loss journey, it shows you how to do it in the healthiest way so your results last.  A common misconception in fitness is that people need to get healthy by losing weight.  In reality, it is much better to lose weight by getting healthy.  BioSignature is the perfect marriage of improving your health while improving your body composition.  Fat accumulation is repeatedly blamed on people consuming too many calories and by not burning enough.  Anyone that has struggled with exercise and diet programs can tell you that eating less and moving more doesn’t always produce great or lasting results.

When it comes to where you accumulate and store fat, you need to look at your hormones.  Hormones basically tell the body what to do with its resources and energy.  Insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store blood sugar. Cortisol is a hormone that helps you deal with stress and provides you with energy.  Thyroid hormones help regulate your basal metabolism.  The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is that if you want to drastically improve the way you look and feel, it all starts with controlling your hormones.  In a world where prescription drugs are now the number one cause of accidental death in the US, there is no better quote than:

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” 

― Hippocrates

The three main causes of fat storage are: stress, toxins, and mal-nutrition. Stress, toxins, and mal-nutrition all have a negative impact on your hormones.  What I mean by negative impact is that they increase the hormones that tell your body to store fat and decrease the hormones that tell your body to have energy and lean muscle.  Stress, toxins, and mal-nutrition can also break down your metabolic and energy making systems over time, making it even harder to exercise and eat right.

Stress, toxins, and mal-nutrition are all affected by diet.  Eating high carb foods, foods with bad fats, foods that cause inflammation, and foods without nutrition are major sources of dietary stress.  Toxins can be found in non-organic produce, commercial meats, and processed foods.  The food you eat can contribute to toxic load and/or stress on your body.  Food also has the greatest impact on hormones out of anything you can do naturally.  For every body there is a unique need of nutrition, and BioSignature can help guide you on what you need to be eating more of and what you need to be eating less of.  Some people need to avoid carbs; others need to focus on fiber or antioxidants.  Then in a month, your body’s needs might change, and this is why getting regular BioSignature measurements can keep you on track.

The next two things that can drastically effect fat loss, if done right, are exercise and supplementation.  Once again, doing what’s right for your body, not your friend’s, your sister’s, your neighbor’s, but your own unique body is key.  I have personally seen people go from gaining weight, to losing weight and fat while exercising less and eating more, simply because they started doing what is right for their body, right now.

So how does the BioSignature Method determine what food, supplements and exercise are best for you?  

When it comes to health, people tend to be most concerned with acute symptoms.  These are things like pain, diarrhea, and feeling tired.  BioSignature measures where you store your fat as a symptom checker.  Love handles are a symptom of too much insulin from dietary carbohydrates, while lower body fat can mean issues with estrogens and toxins.  There are 12 specific sites that have to be precisely measured by a BioSignature practitioner.  These ratios are then analyzed so that your path to leanness can be determined based on which hormones or nutritional needs are the most out of whack.  The way we eat, exercise, and the supplements we take all shift our hormones.  If you are exercising in a way that increases cortisol, and cortisol being too high is the biggest thing holding you back from fat loss, it’s never going to work.  If you’re deficient in a vital nutrient like zinc or magnesium, you can spin your wheels more and more each day only to feel worse and worse by exacerbating the problem.  BioSignature allows you to avoid making these mistakes and jump on the fast track to fat loss.

Depending on whom you ask in the fitness industry, spot-reducing body fat from specific areas is either possible or impossible.  I’m going to tell you straight out the door, BioSignature is the only method of spot-reducing fat, because it addresses the hormonal reasons causing site-specific fat gain.  Some people store more fat in their chest region, others have those dreaded love handles.  Some people sport the beer belly, and some people struggle with excess fat in the extremities, like under the arms or around the thighs.  The ratios of where you store your fat are a reflection of what is going on in your body on a nutritional and hormonal level.  Each person has a unique profile that is a result of the genetic and the environmental factors that they live with.

Disproportionate distribution of body fat is caused by a combination of your own genetics and unique biochemistry interacting with your environment.” – Nick Mitchell.

There are no spot-reducing or toning exercises to correct these.  You must make the shift by adjusting your diet and nutritional program so that you start managing your hormones differently.  BioSignature breaks down your profile so you know exactly what changes are necessary for you to lose weight and what things are a waste of time or could even cause more fat gain.  For instance, some people need more or less carbohydrates, some people will actually lose more fat by exercising less, others need to exercise more, and some people need a complete overhaul.

 Other Reasons Why You Should See a BioSignature Practitioner

A BioSignature Practitioner will:

    • Help you fix your sleep.  Fixing your sleep can fix a lot.
    • Help you correct nutritional imbalances and deficiencies.  This is the basis on which your health and fat loss goals depend.
    • Suggest supplements that improve your health rather than coming with a mile long disclaimer.  No one ever got healthy on fat burners and thermogenics, which just cause rebounding weight gain.
    • Help you learn how to eat, exercise, and supplement for your body’s specific needs.
    • Help show you how to spot-reduce fat where you want to lose it most.  BioSignature is the only method that can do this.
    • Suggest a good Functional or Integrative Medicine Doctor if needed.  A good practitioner knows when to refer a client to a specialist.