Every week there are tons of new articles on health all over the web.  To help you sort through them all, here is a quick summary of the ones I think are worth a look.  To stay up to date on all the good articles I find, like us on Facebook.

Prescription sleeping pills tied to increased risk for death, cancer

The one thing you can’t force yourself to do is sleep.  With a world that is becoming more stressful and more over stimulated, the increase is those seeking help to get to sleep is no surprise.  A surprise to some however might be the alarming increase in health risk they are getting from the very medications they are using in attempt to get better sleep.

How gluten causes rheumatoid arthritis

Gluten’s negative effects are widespread, but most commonly associated with celiac disease.  Slowly more research is being brought to the public on  just how damaging gluten is to the human body, regardless of celiacs disease.  The inflammatory conditions gluten cause in the body can destroy your joints over time as well.

Infertile couples have higher exposure to phthalates.

Xenoestrogens score another top article.  Can your scented products and household cleaners be effecting your fertility?  The answer is yes and here is why.

I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Komen’s Race is for Money, Not the Cure

I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Mercola, but this is an area where I agree with him on.  It’s a controversial topic for most, but the sooner people start learning the real reasons our health is so poor, the sooner all of our efforts can actually be put into useful projects.

Effects of Weightlifting vs. Kettlebell Training on Vertical Jump, Strength, and Body Composition.

I’ve wrote on the topic several times.  Kettlebell training is a poor training system for strength training, and this study also shows no advantages in fat loss or vertical jump when compared to traditional weight training.  In this case, it wasn’t even a very complete weight training program either.

Ten Things You MUST Know About Inflammation

A great article by Charles Poliquin on probably the most causative health condition.  Almost every modern disease either has inflammation as a symptom or cause.  Controlling inflammation could very well save not just your health, but your life.