There are so many gyms out there today.  Chains gyms, franchise, and private gyms.  Some are great others not so much.  There is one franchise out there that I just really can’t get my mind around, Planet Fitness.   All gyms have a target demographic.  Some tailored to younger, other to older.  Some to athletes, others to everyday people.  Planet Fitness however has taken things to a whole new level by creating a misleading campaign.  They market themselves as a judgement free zone.  This is false advertisement at best.  Planet fitness basically has found itself a niche by creating ads that stereotype bodybuilders and weightlifters as mindless Neanderthals .  How can a place market itself as judgement free while simultaneously demeaning a group of people?  Especially when it is a group of people that know more about fitness than they do.  They have created an environment and rules to discourage the most beneficial forms of exercise with the logic of keeping out anyone that is in relatively strong or fit and knows a thing or two about exercise.  Having a gym that is based around ineffective mindless training and no education base is really a way of advertising a “knowledge free zone”.  As in planet fitness doesn’t care if you know what you are doing.  In fact it’s better for them if you don’t.


Reasons Planet Fitness Doesn’t Care About You or Your Health


  • Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays

If a gym wants you as a member to be successful in health and fineness, it should be their position to educate you on the best way to do so and do their best to provide the tools you need to achieve the results you want.  The idea of education at Planet Fitness is to motivate you with pizza and bagels.  No health professional with half a brain would recommend rewarding yourself with pizza and bagels at the gym.  Why wouldn’t they offer a healthy alternative each month to educate their members on how to eat properly and help them explore new healthy foods.  That might take some thought though right?  I mean putting out a bowl of apples would take a genius to figure out that was a better alternative than pizza.

  • The Lunk Alarm

They are too lazy to have a staff that teaches and promotes proper gym etiquette so instead they have a obnoxious alarm that humiliates individuals in a “judgment free” zone and promotes a hateful environment amongst members.

  • Derogatory Marketing

It’s doesn’t take a bunch of posters cracking jokes about steroids and crushing babies to sell gym memberships.  Most bodybuilders are actually very educated humble individuals.  Sure there is a jerk in every crowd.  Having muscles doesn’t make you dumb or ill mannered.  By this rational anyone in Planet Fitness that actually achieved their fitness goals would eventually have to kick themselves out before they made other members insecure and they begin to lose their mental capacity as their brain turns to meat…


  • Lack of Proper Equipment

Not having a good selection of free weight equipment is just a deterrent from more fitness experienced members.  It’s a great way to increase injuries and decrease results for your members.  People don’t use functional strength training methods like barbells and dumbbells because they look cool.  They use them because they work.  If machines were so beneficial every college in the country wouldn’t have a weight room with almost no machines.  Having all machines just means a more mindless training experience.

  • No or Few Trainers 

What gym that wants people to get in shape and feel good about themselves doesn’t employ a large staff of educated personal trainers?  Well in reality no good trainers would work in a Planet Fitness by choice because of the above point about equipment.  Not to mention the poor working environment based on the culture or not working hard or looking good.  Not many trainers sell a program guaranteed to make you look average and not break a sweat doing so.


  • Celebration of Mediocrity and False Motivation

Let’s not sugar coat it.  America and the World are getting fatter every year.  The solutions is not to start accepting being overweight as more acceptable and less damaging to your health or self esteem.  There is a huge movement of self esteem activist going around the internet with the same mindset of Planet Fitness.  Let’s not change ourselves, lets change the standards and rules to fit us.  What message are we sending to people when we say its ok to not work hard and fail.  Someone will just come along and lower the bar for you.  There is no escaping that one day sooner or later, life is going to give you a reality check, and if you have brought the bar so low for yourself, the bar of reality will likely hit you right in the face.

(Warning the below video is not mine and does have some explicit language)

Do yourself a favor and find a real gym that will care about you and your health, not just your membership dues.  Read more on how to spot a good gym with the following links.

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