Top 10 ways to get Skinny Fat

January 31, 2012 in Misc

Skinny-fat is loosely defined as those people that may look good with clothes on, but not so much without them.  With enough denim and elastic clothing it’s possible to pack loose subcutaneous fat in the right spots, but when the support goes, gravity shows the true reality.  Being under muscled is probably just as much of growing trend as obesity.  When you combine the two, you might get someone that has a BMI that is in the normal range but still suffers from the same ill health effects.

 So how does a person get skinny fat?

  1. 5882627 f520 214x300 Top 10 ways to get Skinny FatEat a Vegan Diet – If you don’t want to eat any meat, your body will just eat you instead.  Unfortunately it’s on a low fat diet in this case. Read More HERE
  2. Do lots of cardio – Training your body to be catabolic, breaking down muscle and to store fat is great if you want that “I used to be 300 lbs until I got sick” look.
  3. Take lots of thermogenic fat burners – Nothing like turning up the furnace while the windows are open.  The room might get warmer, but the bill in the end is never pleasant.  Thermogenic maybe be short term fat burners, but in the long run they are more muscle burners and long term fat storers.
  4. Go on a low calorie starvation diet – The HCG diet is a great examples.  It’s like paying for the experience of a prison camp without making any new undesirable friends.
  5. 13224385842 Top 10 ways to get Skinny FatJoin weight watchers – Obviously the only point these people haven’t gotten is that if you want to be healthy you should eat a healthy diet and exercise.  Is there an app for that?
  6. Use lots of scented products –  Scented candles plugins, body sprays, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, and household cleaners and air fresheners are all great ways to completely destroy your androgen levels and increase the fat deposits in your arms and legs. Read More Here
  7. Take a spin class – Did you know spinning classes actually increase lower body fat.  Do enough of them and you might slim your waist after you have completely fried your adrenals, but by then you will be sports some major cottage cheese thighs.
  8. Never pick up a weight ever – I’m serious, it will make you so huge you will have to walk sideways down the hall to your office.  Ok not really, but you know that age old testament, if you don’t use it you lose it.  Well it’s pretty accurate when it comes to muscle tissue.  If you don’t want to be Skeletor for next Halloween, then you might start moving some iron.
  9. Skip meals – Skipping meals is like training for fat storage.  The more you go without proper nutrition the more you tell you body to store fat for these long breaks.
  10. Eat lots of Gluten – Nothing says lose muscle and store fat like a highly inflammatory food that depletes your body of vital nutrients and damages your digestive tract making it harder for you to get nutrients from the rest of your diet.

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