Do you ever that moment where you see or hear something so outrageous that you just can’t believe people get away with it?  You just want to scream wake up world!  How can you be so gullible?  Here are just a few shameful things that have had me shaking my head.

Weight Watchers Teams up with McDonalds

“The deal, which is taking place in New Zealand, will involve the weight watchers logo being placed on the packaging of three McDonald’s meals – Chicken McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish and Sweet Chilli Seared Chicken Wrap.” – Huffington Post

As if weight watchers and McDonalds were not bad enough on their own, this is definitely a case of two wrongs do not make a right.  If anyone honestly believes that you can eat whatever you want as long as it falls under an arbitrary number of points and be healthy just because Charles Barkley said so…. You are sorely mistaken.

On top of that if you think you deserve any points health or intellectually for putting this (mechanically separated chicken paste used in McNuggets)  in your body.  It goes with that old saying “I’d do anything to lose weight! except diet and exercise.”  Or even better yet, “if you are what you eat, then you might want to stay away from cheap and easy.”  Bottom line, it’s atrocious that we have to be subjected to false leading information that is detrimental to our health, all in the favor of corporate profit.

Athletes Pitching Weight Loss and Nutrition Advice

I don’t think many will argue with me that most professional athletes are pretty genetically gifted.  I know everyone loves the Rudy movie and wants to believe that with enough hard work and determination you can accomplish anything.  How is that going to 99.99% of us?  The truth is most avid exercisers probably work harder than many professional athletes.  Some of these guys have such good genetics they can get away with almost anything and still be freaks.  What kind of a message is it to send to todays youth that you can be like Michael Phelps, or Justin Tuck by eating at subway.  In reality your conning kids into eating processed meats and gluten rich white bread that is going to make them sluggish and obese.  How is this any better than marketing cigarettes to kids.  This picture however I’m ok with.

Planet Fitness Commercials

By now everyone has scene a Planet Fitness commercial that pokes fun at the bodybuilding community.  First of insinuating that the guy picking up a dumbbell is by fault intellectually inferior to the millions of people who opt to pick up a donut is ridiculous.  Secondly this is a marketing gimmick trying to send the message that they care about the everyday person.  This is the same franchise that gives out cookies and has pizza nights for its members.  If Planet Fitness really cared about their members as much as their bank statement, they might invest in some proper nutritional education or some quality personal trainers for their members.  If only a smile and a cookie really could cure diabetes.  Bottom line is that if you care about your health you should be picking weights up and putting down that weight watchers happy meal.

CrossFit Posters

Granted everyone needs some motivation now and again, but really I can’t spend 10 seconds on Facebook without seeing some CrossFit banner with some hot chick and a catch phrase.  Don’t get me wrong I love pictures of hot girls, but it’s a false impression that is spreading about how hot all CrossFit chicks are.  It’s like the guys that used to make the ads for all the super hardcore supplements in the bodybuilding magazines have switched over.  75% of the time there isn’t even an exercise, its just a sports model shot.  Bottom line, CrossFit makes super models just like Ronnie Coleman really just won all those Mr. Olympia’s taking Cell-Tech.  If you are going to paint a picture, at least have some honesty in your strokes.  There have been gorgeous fitness models around for years and years, and to be quite honest, most of them look nicer and a lot more feminine than some of these CrossFit banners (not speaking of this picture in particular).

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