Ben Pakulski

I had the pleasure of spending a week with Ben Pakulski, IFBB pro, at the Hypertrophy Bootcamp held by Charles Poliquin at the Poliquin Strength Institute in Rhode Island this January.  After 15 brutal workout routines I got Ben alone for a few minutes to answer some questions about his overall experience with the Poliquin System and his DVD training system M140 that is based off a lot of the same principles.

FFM – How long have you been following Charles Poliquin’s methodologies and training systems?

Ben – I have been following charles for as long as I’ve been training with weights. I was introduced to his methodology over 12 years ago in university and I have done my best to keep up with his stuff ever since.  I got the incredible opportunity to work with Charles one on one in April 2011 when he called me to be part of his new arm training book. He has been a direct influence on my training and nutrition since that day. I’ve changed so many things that I thought were bodybuilding logic and “staples”.   I feel like a new person and my body changes almost on demand now.

FFM – What sort of edge have you gotten by following the Poliquin Principles and working with him?

Ben – The biggest advantage I’ve gained from Charles is the confidence to KNOW that I can make the changes I need to make, when I need to make them. Sometimes, in fitness, the uncertainty can become discouraging. You know what goal you want to achieve, but you have no idea HOW to do it. Charles gives you the most scientific, irrefutable ways to achieve any fitness goal and the research to back it up.

FFM – What would you say to other bodybuilders out there, whether it be pro or beginners, about hiring a PICP/Biosignature coach?

Ben – If another bodybuilder asked me why they might get a PICP coach I would let them know that training with someone that knows how to get results, with scientific backing, and the knowledge to make specific changes to any bumps in the road that happen to occur is priceless. How about getting in shape without 2 hours of cardio a day….for starters!

Oh and, getting in shape without feeling like complete crap. I was astounded to know I could get lean and look great, all while feeling great.

FFM – After working with Charles you designed a DVD training series that implements some of the PICP principles and tailored a system for muscle growth.  Tell us a bit about it.

Ben – My training program MI40 was designed to address all the most common issues I see in the gym.

1)Inability to “feel” muscle

2)Uncertainty of how much volume to complete for growth

3)Lack of a certain Plan.

If any of these issues are things that you have encountered, you may want to check out MI40.

FFM – Obviously not everyone out there is going to hire a coach, so what are the top 3 reasons someone should try the M140 program to guide them to better results?

Ben – 3 reasons you should try MI40:

1)I guarantee it will improve the effectiveness of ANYONES workouts

2)You will learn proper execution where there may have previously been doubt.

3)It’s HARD, and it WORKS.

FFM- Thanks Ben

There are a lot of bodybuilders out there who do not train properly and survive on good genetics and pharmaceuticals.  After spending a few days with Ben at the PSI, it’s obvious that this guy knows how to train like a beast.  The thing I noticed most about Ben though was his thirst for knowledge.  This guy has been doing his research on training and nutrition for a long time and is way ahead of the game in the world of bodybuilding in this aspect.  Charles did Ben’s BioSignature in the gym one day and with still a month away from competition Ben was 130kg (286lbs) at 5.1% body fat!!!  Truly an impressive human being, and I wish him luck his upcoming competition.

To read more about the bootcamp and see pictures of Ben and myself training check out the following links.

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