To follow up my “You Might Eat a Crap Diet If” skit, here is a little more fun, that is also educational.  There are a lot of training certifications out there, and even more personal trainers.  Of all thee certifications out there, most of which I have taken the PICP program by Charles Poliquin has by far been the best I have been a part of.  PICP trained coaches and personal trainers have some practical skill sets that make them some of the best to work with.  Here are a few reasons you might want to work with one.


PICP trainers Marty and Kelly of Shredded AU

    • If you think chin ups are only for guys, you might put your eyes on a PICP coach.
    • If you don’t know how much time to perform each rep and each set, you haven’t trained with a PICP coach yet.
    • If leg day is not followed by funny walking day, you might need a PICP coach.
    • If you belly looks full but your squat is not, you need a PICP coach so they both can drop.
    • If you’re in to spin, you might need a PICP coach.
    • If the closest you come to picking up a pair of heavy dumbbells is a description of your dating life, you might need a PICP coach.
    • If you have pain in your joints from a lift, a PICP coach is just the fit.
    • If your arms a puny, don’t be a loony, find a PICP coach.
    • If you can’t squat your body weight, you’re do for a real date, with a PICP coached workout.
    • If you bench every Monday, you might need a PICP coach someday.
    • If you’re spending hours in the gym and still not slim, you might need a PICP coach.
    • If you need to be strong, but your lifts are all wrong, you might need a PICP coach.
    • If you’re afraid to go heavy, or break a sweat, you haven’t been through a PICP workout yet.
    • If you want picking the right trainer to be a no brainer, find a PICP coach.
    • If going to the fitness center means watching sports center, you might need a PICP coach.
    • If you’re not getting stronger, don’t wait any longer.  Find a PICP coach.
    • If your shoulders are achin, you’ve been mistaken, by not getting a PICP coach.
    • If every lift you do is performed in front of the mirror, you need to reflect and hire a PICP coach.


On the other hand

    • If you can’t make time to eat, I don’t have time to meet.
    • If you love the treadmill…. I should just say farewell
    • If you would rather being doing Zumba, I got no room for ya.
    • If you do curls in the squat rack… you should run!


All Joking Aside.  If you want the best personal trainers you can get, look for one here.