1. Don’t Set a Bodyweight Goal – Setting a weight goal is bad for three reasons.  The first reason is that weight is just a number, how you look and feel is effected by your health and body composition.  People need to get out of the weight loss mode and into the fat loss mode.  Strong is the new sexy, and muscle is a strong fat burning machine.  The second reason is  focusing on just the destination is like taking your eyes off the ball.  No one ever made a million dollars by checking their bank account every day.  They earned it by working hard on the day to day things that breed success.  You should be focusing on your daily meals, workouts, and supplements.  The little things are what makes the big things possible, not the other way around.  The third reason, is weight is a bad measure of success.  It fluctuates, and often times is more a stressor than anything.  Never way yourself unless it’s with a accurate body fat test that will let you know exactly how your progressing with your body composition goals
  2. Don’t Limit Your Goals to Physical Qualities.  Everyone sets goals for pounds lost or gained, getting stronger, faster etc.  Set goals for your health and mind.  Most people under estimate the power your mental state of being has on your physical health and appearance.  Set some goals for improving your mental health.  It can be a retreat, time away from electronics, a reading goal, a class, a scheduled night out.  Find something for you that will decreases stress and make you focus on you for a change.
  3. Don’t Try Losing Weight to Get Healthy, Get Healthy to Lose Weight.  The reason so many more people struggle to lose weight in the last 30 years is that our over health has declined.  Despite all the advances in exercise science and medicine, you can’t just bypass your health.  The poorer your overall health the much harder it will be to lose weight, and the harder losing weight will be.  If you take the health approach first your much less likely to rebound, and your results will come more steady and you will feel much better.
  4. Set a Event Date and Sign up NOW.  Planning a set date to evaluate and show off your success us much more powerful than simply setting a goal.  For some this may be a bodybuilding, weight lifting, or sport competition.  For others it may be a planned vacation, private photo shoot, or recreational activity.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something worth getting fired up for, and that you won’t want to skip out of or slack off on.
  5. Make a Long Term Commitment.  Whether its just joining a gym or signing up with a trainer, pick a program that is going to make you stick with it.  80% of people hitting the gym now will be missing in action come march.  Find a way to make sure you will at least make it 6 months.  It takes at least 3 months of consistency for most people to get into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle comfortably.
  6. Do Your Research.  People shop around for a lot of things, and sometimes spend months before making major purchases, but when it comes to their health, they do very little research.  Don’t start a program, class, or hire a trainer without doing your homework.  A good place to start is to find some information that is unbiased.  If the only advice you get is from the people trying to sell you something than you can’t trust that information fully.  Downloading our “Myth Buster Special” is a good place to start.
  7. Go Big or Go Home.  I would say that most things in the fitness industry follow the 80/20 rule.  Meaning that about 80% of it is hype and 20% is really beneficial.  If you are going to hire a trainer, nutritionist, or start a fitness program, don’t do the minimum.  One of the biggest reason people fail with exercise is they try to do the minimum.  One hour with a trainer each week is not going to make up for the other 167 hours that week.  You need to be willing to commit to 3 or more times per week if you want a chance to be successful.  My personal recommendation is at least 4 times per week.  If you can’t afford that you have two options, either be really disciplined or start saving.  For many people it’s better to save money and do a program that works when they can afford it, rather than buying what they can afford now and getting nothing out of it.
  8. Grass fed beefPut Nutrition First.  When it comes to health, and especially weight loss, diet is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.  You will get much better results on a perfect nutrition program and sub par exercise program than the other way around.  You eat several times every day, versus exercising a few times per week.  So make nutrition the priority and for the best advice on nutrition and supplementation find a BioSignature Practitioner near you or work with one of ours online.
  9. Start with the Basics for Nutrition and Supplementation.  Don’t get sold on the newest fat burner at the local supplement store if your not addressing your basic nutritional needs.  It doesn’t do any good to put rocket fuel in a car that you don’t even perform regular maintenance on.  If you haven’t cleaned up your diet and started taking the essential supplements (multi, omega-3’s, zinc, magnesium, and digestive support if needed)
  10. Only use the Best Professionals.  You get what you pay for when you hire someone to help improve your health in 2012.  The best trainers hand down are PICP coaches, and the most effective fat loss program is following a BioSignature program.  If your health is failing you, finding a local functional medicine doctor could be life changing move for you.  You can find a good doctor by looking http://www.functionalmedicinedoctors.com/ or ACAM.org
  11. Don’t Depend on At Home Workouts.  Do yourself a favor and join a gym.  While working out at home can be convenient, you can’t replace an entire gym with anything they sell on late night television I promise.  The biggest difference however is intent.  When your at the gym, there is only one focus, your workout. At home the distractions can be countless.  Don’t sacrifice quality for a little convenience.  If your serious about results, find a serious gym to get them at.
  12. Focus on Tomorrow First.  One of the best habits of highly successful people is that they work on improvement constantly.  It doesn’t matter how small, no matter what always try to make today better than yesterday.  Improve in your workouts, be more disciplined with your diet, take one more minute to manage stress.  The bottom line is you can’t focus on the destination if you don’t stay on the road ahead.  Take the time each day to do the little things and before you know it, the little things will amount to huge improvements in 2012.