Mark Schauss breaks down 10 studies on Health


1:00 – Treating pain

3:45 – H.pylori and links between gut flora and parkinson.  H.pylori makes it’s own modified cholesterol which is toxic.

6:00 – Negative effects of using Antibiotics

9:00 – NSAIDs – Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and their effect on miscarriages.

10:35 – Celebrex is more effective when combined with carnitine

12:20 – Neutraceutical treatment for lipid improvement in the elderly.  (statin intolerant people)  How to improve cholesterol and lower CVD with healthy nutrients

14:30 – Low Vit D and cognitive function in the elderly.

15:45 – CoEnzyme Q-10 and intrafillicular fertilization.  CoQ10 helps with fertilization

17:30 – Probiotics effect on Immunity.

18:35 – Fish oil and reduction of metabolic syndrome