Women and Belly Fat

Woman and Belly fat Abdominal pear appleTraditionally women store more lower body fat than men because of estrogen.  This is the most common body fat storage for most women.  Then there are those women who store more abdominal fat.  Belly fat, or abdominal fat is made up of two parts.  There is subcutaneous abdominal fat and intra-abdominal fat.  The belly fat that is just under the skin is the subcutaneous abdominal fat.  This belly fat is only between the abdominal muscles and the skin.  The fat behind the abdominal wall is the intra-abdominal fat.  It’s important to note the difference because this can make a big difference in the approach women take to losing abdominal fat.

Women and Belly Fat/ Abdominal Fat from Cortisol

Women with a lot of subcutaneous belly fat tend to have issues with cortisol.  Cortisol is the hormone of stress.  For women and belly fat stress has many negative effects and can come any many forms.  The easiest stress to control is that caused by insulin spikes.  If women eat fewer high carb meals they will create fewer insulin spikes, which will then result in fewer subsequent cortisol spikes.
Stressed women and belly fat are also antagonized by poor sleep.  Later in the day is when your cortisol levels should drop and you become more calm and relaxed.  Women that have a hard time winding down at night generally suffer from improper cortisol rhythms where cortisol is elevated too long making it harder for them to fall asleep, and increasing belly fat.
For women who have trouble waking up in the morning, they also have an issue with when their body is suppose to make cortisol.  The two times during the day you want to have cortisol are when you are waking up for energy, and when you are working out.  Women who need coffee after hitting the snooze 3 times to get up in the morning are an example of this.  Many times this happens from doing to much cardio or aerobic training which burns our the adrenals.  This is why aerobic training can become addicting to these women, because for them, this is the only way they can get their adrenals to make enough cortisol for them to feel good.  What really needs to be done in this case is the adrenals need to be repaired and cortisol rhythm restored.

How to get Rid of Belly Fat from Cortisol

  • Improve your quality and quantity of your sleep
  • Eliminate as many sources of stress as possible
  • Start controlling your blood sugar better by eating few carbs and processed foods
  • Balance your electrolytes with a quality electrolyte formula
  • Use herbal supplements to help heal the adrenals
  • Use supplements that help recover proper cortisol rhythms
  • Cut out the cardio and do resistance training
  • Limit the environmental stressors through devices like SRT.

Women and Belly Fat/ Abdominal Fat from Inflammation

women and belly fat from inflammationWomen with more intra-abdominal fat tend to have problems with inflammation.  This is usually characterized by the bulging harder abdominal cavity.  These women are more likely to have issue with digestion symptoms and other chronic health problems.   Inflammation can be caused by many factors: insulin, toxicity, food intolerances, poor quality foods, alcohol use, and lack of proper nutrition.  The easiest step to reduce inflammation in a woman’s diet is to eliminate all grains except brown rice.  There are several test out there for food intolerances, but if you eliminate the top offenders you should have a good start.  The most common inflammatory foods are gluten, dairy and eggs.

How Women can get rid of Belly Fat from Inflammation

  • Eliminate dairy, gluten, and eggs for 21 days and see how you feel
  • Eat as many green veggies as you can
  • Eat high antioxidant berries
  • Do a nutritional cleanse or detox for inflammation
  • Take antioxidant supplements like vitamin A, C, and E
  • Sweat!  Learn how to incorporate sauna therapy with your detoxification
  • Take probiotics and prebiotics
  • Increase B vitamins especially B5, B6, and B9
  • Start doing intense exercise  (when you are not doing a detox or cleanse)

What kind of Results to Expect

Woman and Belly FatWhile it may not be as easy as drawing them on, following the above strategies are the best solutions for women and belly fat.  Don’t be fooled into doing tons of core exercises or crunches.  You can’t exercise away specific areas of fat with specific exercises.  If a personal trainer tries to tell you otherwise they are just selling you snake juice.  The only program out there that works on site specific fat loss is the BioSignature Method.  BioSignature uses information about where you store your fat to determine what hormones and nutrients are preventing you from losing fat in those areas.  So if you want to be extremely precise.  Find a BioSignature Practitioner to work with for your fat loss goal.