Earlier this year we had an article on kettlebells. The conclusion of that article was that kettlebells are a limited and inferior strength training tool when compared to barbells and dumbbells. There is a version of the Pendulum Dumbbell made by Watson that is called “Poliquin Kettlebell.” This is the product we are discussing here, however I disagree with calling it a kettlebell because in terms of its function and use, it is nothing like a kettlebell.

The Pendulum Dumbbell offers a unique variation to your dumbbell exercises. It has a free rotating handle with the resistance hanging below the handle. The exercises for the Pendulum Dumbbell are the same exercises you would do with a traditional dumbbell.  The difference is that the strength curve will differ from a standard style dumbbell.  You would not use the Pendulum Dumbbell for swinging and snatching type movements.

If you don’t want to purchase a lot of arm machines, picking up a pair of Pendulum Dumbbells is a great way to add more variety to your upper body training at a fraction of the cost.  They also move incredibly smooth with the rotating handles and offer a thick handle tool for your gym.

The above picture is the Pendulum Dumbbell from Monster-Grips.com loaded with 120 lbs.  If you notice the 5 lb. plates on the inside are there because the bars are slightly bevelled out creating a downward angle for the loading bar.  This helps keep the weights in place without a tight collar.  You could use a collar, but these come equipped with 2 pins, as opposed to the Watson that is straight and requires a collar.

You can purchase these at www.monster-grips.com in the US or http://www.gymequipment.uk.com/ in the UK