Just to recap.  In part I we talked about the failure of the low fat diet.  In part II we talked about good vs bad fats.  In part III we talked about how to cook with and use fats in your diet.  Now I am going to discuss how to use fats for better results in changing your body composition and improving your health.

A good place to start is the Meat and Nut Breakfast recommended by legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin.  In summary starting your day with protein and healthy fats primes your neurotransmitters and metabolism for the day.   Most people think they need carbohydrates in the morning for energy.  Increasing insulin in the morning from a high carb breakfast will often result in a crash about 2-3 hours later.  Eating a meat and nut breakfast not only helps you avoid the crash but it fuels the brain for focus and drive.

When it comes to losing body fat, the two most important fats are probably CLA and Omega-3s.  Taking Omega-3’s decreases inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity.  In laymen’s terms omega 3’s turn on your fat burning genes and turn off your fat storing genes.  CLA is a healthy saturated fat that can help with cortisol and insulin modulation.  It is most notably known for being helpful with reducing abdominal fat.  In terms of consumption omega-3’s are best taken in the form of a quality supplement that is clear of heavy metals and toxic solvents.  While eating fish can provide omega-3’s the dosage for changes in body composition are usually quite high to get from diet alone, and because of pollution eating a lot of fish presents toxicity problems over time.  CLA is best consumed in whole food forms like grass fed beef and organic butter.  Additional supplementation is OK but research has showed superiority of CLA in the diet vs most supplements.  There are several versions of CLA found in supplements and only 2 forms are known to be effective.  The majority of commercial supplements use an inactive form of CLA.  If you want to know know more on how to use CLA and Omega-3s for your specific physiology contact a Biosignature Practitioner.

Despite the great benefits these supplements these have, it’s important to note that taking them will not counter the effect of poor diet.  You must also work at reducing sources of inflammation and following a paleolithic style diet.  You can’t put out a flame if you keep adding fuel to the fire.  See 9 steps to rebalancing your fat intake.

Other ways to improve use fats for improving your health

  • Eat more mono saturated fats for optimal testosterone levels
  • Eat more saturated fats to be more anabolic
  • Eat more fats high in omega 3’s for brain health and function
  • Eat more mono saturated fats and omega-3’s for heart and cardiovascular health
  • Eat more omega-3s to reduce inflammation and triglycerides
  • Eat more CLA and DHA to improve HDL
  • Use coconut oil for intestinal health
  • Use more fats when taking out carbs to curve cravings and sustain energy
  • Use fat with protein for optimal utilization
  • Take more GLA (gamma-lionlenic acid) if you suffer from bad PMS 1-3g per day
  • Take GLA for low back pain and sciatica pain
  • Take GLA if you have been using high dose omega-3s for a long time and are struggling with fat loss now

Another good read before buying fat supplements is The Smart Choice in Fish Oil by Charles Poliquin