Looking for Fat Loss Or Weight Loss in the New Year?


If you have found this article, you likely have read countless articles on how to exercise and diet to get healthy.  This is my list of what many people do after the new year that leads them down the path of failure.  Some parts are good for a laugh, but please remember that many people still believe these are the ways to get healthy.  Please like and share this with them.

  1. Start doing lots of cardio and aerobic training.  While you might lose a few pounds in January, the negative effects of this will bring you back with more body fat than when you took that first step down the treadmill to failure.
  2. Do a restrictive diet like the HCG diet.  One of the best ways to get a slower metabolism is to go on a calorie restricted diet.  Nothing will leave your stomach empty and your pants full like a crash diet.
  3. Starting a bunch of whole wheat and low fat products.  If you want to gain weight around the middle, eating lots of gluten and cutting down on healthy fats is a sure way to do it
  4. Start obsessing about your weight and food.  Measure and count everything.  Weight yourself every day.  Nothing packs on the pounds like a healthy dose of added stress.
  5. Switch to Soy.  Robbing your body of nutrients and providing false estrogens to fatten your thighs and butt is all the joy of soy. To be a foo,  you must eat the tofu.
  6. Buy a bunch of fat burners and stimulants.   The local supplement store will have tons of hardcore, fat nuking, workout rage supplements to sell you.  If you want to drain your adrenals of what little life they have left in them go ahead.  After all what is a life without having to lick a electrical outlet every morning just to get out of bed.
  7. Make a pact with that flaky friend of yours.  – We all have that person that we can always count on not counting on.  Having this person as your gym buddy is a sure way to not feel bad about not showing up.

So those are just 7 deadly sins you can do this new year to prevent you from losing fat.  The most obvious would be to just do nothing.  You can start right now by doing something.  Share this post :)