Mark Schauss breaks down 10 studies on Health

2:15 Vitamin D levels and Breast Cancer Survival.  Vit D actually decreases risk of breast cancer

5:30 Antidepressive effects of Zinc

7:00 Whey Vs Soy Protein for improving body composition

9:10 Curcumin has potential to protect against cardiac inflammation

11:00 Omega 3 status and eating disorders and depression

17:00 Healthcare Vs Sick care

18:15 Melatonin and oxidative stress from exercise, and reduced muscle damage

20:00 Grape Seed Extract and Prostate Cancer

21:30 L-Carnitine benefiting people with ASD

23:45 B6 and B complex and Breast Cancer

From a world renowned researcher and expert in laboratory testing as well as environmental health issues, Dr. Mark Schauss. While Dr. Schauss’s degrees are in business, he has over 25 years experience in laboratory test interpretations. His work with his daughter who suffers from epilepsy further pushed him into researching environmental toxicity and health, a subject he has lectured on all over the world and is now sharing on his podcast.