Mark Schauss breaks down 10 studies on Health

From a world renowned researcher and expert in laboratory testing as well as environmental health issues, Dr. Mark Schauss. While Dr. Schauss’s degrees are in business, he has over 25 years experience in laboratory test interpretations. His work with his daughter who suffers from epilepsy further pushed him into researching environmental toxicity and health, a subject he has lectured on all over the world and is now sharing on his podcast.


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3:00 – Lipases in cachexia – Muscle breakdown during cancer caused by fatty acid oxidation could be reduced by carnitine, and avoiding food intolerances

6:45 – The effects of EPA and DHA on cholesterol lipids and triglycerides.  DHA raised LDL, while both lowered triglycerides however DHA lowered it more.  DHA also increased HDL while LDL didn’t.  Also talks about stress and cardiovascular health

10:30 – The effects of Walnuts on Cognitive function.  Supporting information for the meat and nut breakfast

12:15 – Is EPA helpful in treating depression?  Found that need a significant greater amount than DHA (60% more)

13:30 – Gluten Free Diets optimize Vitamin D and K levels by improving uptake

15:30 – Diet largely determines the gut microbiota.  Short term diets do not change the gut flora, but long term nutritional habits are effective

16:50 – Neurotransmistters modulating the immune system, Immune cells may communicate with the nervous system.

19:00 – Indoor air pollution from cooking fires (wood stoves) is the leading cause of environmental death.

21:00 – Study wrongly said drinking 3 glasses of milk per day will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.