People buy personal training for lots of reasons these days. Some people want a gym buddy, some people want someone to cheer them on and make them feel good, and others do it just for the social status.  This article is written for people who hire a trainer or coach because they want results.

  1. You need to be willing to commit at least 3 days per week to the gym.  Anyone that says you need less is just trying to get you to buy something.  The bottom line is, 3 times per week is minimal, 4 times per week is considered effective for most, and some accelerated programs can consist of up to 12 workouts per week.
  2. You need to accept that nutrition is largely going to determine whether or not you see results in any type of body transformation, whether it be fat loss or muscle gain.  So be prepared for a major diet overhaul.
  3. Real food is more expensive.  A head of cauliflower costs more than a box of most cereals.  The government has made processed sugary foods very cheap through subsidized crops.  Real produce, and healthy meats, especially organic, can triple your grocery bill, but it can also triple your results.  Bottom line is, people have gotten used to paying very little for fake food.  You don’t get a Mercedes for a Kia price. Which kind of body do you want?
  4. If you have been eating like crap for more than a year, changing your diet is going to be hard, and you will probably need to use a lot of nutritional supplements if you want fast results.  This is another area where you get what you pay for.  Like food, 90% of supplements are junk.  But the other 10% are incredibly useful for improving your health and results.
  5. You are going to be expected to work hard.  A certain amount of griping and moaning is permitted as long as you’re still making an effort to do the work. If it was easy, everyone would have six pack abs and perfect glutes. Effective workouts are never easy. If you don’t dread your workouts a little, they probably aren’t worth doing.
  6. You need to accept that lifestyle is a nutritional factor.  You need sleep, and stress management as much as you need quality food and exercise.  If you’re pulling your hair out 18 hours a day, workout 1 hour and sleep 4, you are not going to see any results.  If you’re going to spend the time and money on a trainer, you have to start putting your health as a priority in the hours of the day outside of the gym as well.
  7. You are going to need to do some things on your own.  Unless you are extremely wealthy and are going to spend hours with your trainer every day, you are probably going to be getting some homework.  Flexibility work needs to be done 4-6 days per week.  Warm-ups eat into workout time, and sometimes saunas and yoga or soft tissue sessions might be suggested outside of the training hour.
  8. For the ladies, yes you need to lift heavy weights too. No you won’t start hulking out.  Trust me, every man on the planet wishes it was that easy that you pick up some heavy weights and the next thing you know, your arms are ripping out of your shirt.  The variables in which you train determine the effect it will have on you.  A good trainer will adjust these variables to meet your goals.
  9. Alcohol can ruin any good program.  The leaner and healthier you are, the more this isn’t the case, but if you are far off from your goals, a little booze can act like a mountain standing between you and the results you want.  Read more here
  10. Not all trainers are equal.  The fitness industry is one of the toughest ones to sort out the good from the bad.  My best suggestion is to find a top level trainer.  A PICP level 2 trainer or higher who is also a Biosignature practitioner would not only be one of the most educated and qualified;  you know this is the type of trainer who takes their job very seriously because they have invested time and money to make sure they can perform at the highest level, getting you the best results.
In closing, remember that getting a personal trainer  is an investment in your health that should actually save you on medical bills, and help increase longevity and quality of life.  A good trainer isn’t just going to beat you into the dirt with grueling workouts, he or she is going to educate you on how to live healthy.  You can’t put a price on health, most people just take it for granted until they lose it.  If you want a better quality of life, it’s time to start accepting that things are going to have to change around here.

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