Healthy minded people can sometimes be hard to buy for when it comes to small gifts.  After all, most of us don’t want a sugary pile of gluten gift-wrapped for us.  We tend to live simple lives and have most of the things we want.  Keeping track of what gifts are toxic, or not environmentally friendly can be so tedious.  So here is a little list of small gifts you can give to the fitness or health enthusiast that they are sure to appreciate.

  1. Fat Gripz or Tyler Grips  – These are a great idea for anyone who lifts weights at a commercial gym and doesn’t have access to thick-handled dumbbells and barbells.  While it may not seem like a big deal to anyone who has never used them, those that have, absolutely love them.  For a price tag of just under $40+shipping, it’s a gift that will keep on giving rep after rep.
  2. Organic Seasoning bundle – These can be hard to find, but when you follow a healthy diet, home cooking is quite plentiful.  It never hurts to have a little extra spice in the kitchen to keep things interesting.  Price ranges from $10-100 depending on the bundle.
  3. Q link – Having one of these little stress shields is definitely on my list for this year.  It’s basically an anti-technology technology that helps defend your body and mind from the electric pollution around you.  People report everything from improved strength, and more energy, to better mood.  Prices are $25-300 depending on the style.
  4. Teas – Whenever I go to a course, the most popular items in the morning are coffee and tea.  Two brands I really find pleasing and healthy are Eco Teas – Yerbe Mate and TaZ0.  Cost is $4-15.
  5. Enamel Coated Cast Iron cookware – The most used tool in my kitchen is my skillet.  Several times a day is common for any Paleo Diet follower.  Enamel coated cast iron is the safest and least toxic cooking surface.  If you buy quality like the Staub I featured here, it should last a lifetime.  In fact it is warrentied for it.  It’s priced at $79-150.
  6. A massage or soft tissue session – You don’t have to be a health nut to enjoy a good massage, however I think when you know all the benefits, you enjoy it even more.  Anyone in the fitness industry knows that the last person to usually get some proper treatment is ourselves.  Nothing beats a little role reversal to work out all those hard hours in the gym.  Cost is $39-100.
  7. Nuts – Cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, or pecans make great choices.  Every healthy eater can use a variety of nuts for their diet.  The things to look for are nuts that are not salted or baked in oils.  Many times nuts are roasted after being coated in peanut, vegetable, or canola oil which takes away quite a few health points.