If you haven’t read our blog on “Un Functional Training“, you definitely should.  Here are some examples of exercises often pushed out by so called functional training gurus.

Here is an example of how you can make combine to stupid exercises in one

This is what we would call an entertainment exercise.  Absolutely no reason to perform a row like this.

This not only is a completely worthless exercise, but it’s just asking for people to get injured.

If you want to make sure you never have the strength to do a pull-up in your life, this could be for you….

If you could watch someone do this in the gym and not laugh your butt off.  You are more kind than I.

This has to be the best collection of stupid people I have seen on youtube yet.  Where do they come up with this garbage?  And you do the Hokie Pokie and you turn yourself around, and you get the hell out of my gym please!


If you had a good laugh after watching some of these videos, please share this post and don’t forget to read our blog on Un Functional Training.  Hopefully if we spread the word, more people will get strong and less people will get stupid.