Gout is a painful condition sometimes referred to as a type of arthritis.   Deposition of uric acid crystals, especially in tissues with limited blood flow, such as the synovial joint of the big toe restrict blood flow and cause inflammation.   Acute attacks that are untreated may last from a couple days up to several weeks.  Big pharma would like you to not see past the above descriptions.  Their logic is this simple: “high uric acid causes gout, take this drug to lower uric acid”.  This thinking is about as accurate as the gout monster picture to the right.

Anyone that knows anything about physiology knows that the body doesn’t do anything without a reason.  This is an example of solving a case without doing an investigation.  Uric acid is a byproduct of several metabolic processes in the body including DNA and RNA synthesis.  Some issues with uric acid can stem from overconsumption of a poor diet, combined with genetic shortcomings in reducing uric acid.  The bottom line is that high amounts of uric acid are typically not found in healthy individuals, genetics aside.  This suggest that the normal production of uric acid for your day to day metabolic needs is minimal even if you’re not genetically good at clearing it out of your system.

Gout, by tradition is known as a disease of sloth and excess.  Poor diet and lack of exercise are common trends.  More recent common trends are toxicities such as heavy metals and petrochemicals and solvents.  The one thing all of these have in common is that they result in increased inflammation.  In addition to being a byproduct, uric acid is also one of the body’s most abundant antioxidants.  It would be more wise to say that gout is an inflammation disease, caused by the body creating too much uric acid to deal with inflammation caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, and toxicity.

If you really want to get rid of your gout pain, you need to improve your health.

Step 1) Change your diet.  Eat more veggies and choose grass fed meat over grain fed meats.  Increase omega 3’s from healthy sources, and avoid sugar and alcohol like the plague.

Step 2) Rule out toxicity.  If you have a toxicity issue, no other method is going to provide significant results, and pain will continue to come back.  A simple hair test can check for heavy metals.  If your doctor will not provide testing, seek out a BioSignature practitioner near you who is certified for Lab Analysis.

Step 3) Reduce inflammation through supplementation of anti-oxidant rich super foods like powdered greens and reds.  Add additional antioxidants in a variety of forms (Vit A, C, E) and herbal antioxidants like acai and pomegranate.  Do not use sugary beverages though.

Step 4) Add glycine to your diet.  Glycine is very effective at building up you antioxidant levels and getting rid of toxicity.  If you take too much it can actually create a flare by precipitating to much uric acid at once.  The best method is to start with a low dosage and try to take it every 3 hours and slowly titrate up.

The biggest thing you should take from this is not how to treat gout, but that gout is not just a disease effecting your joints, it’s a sign your body is under a massive amount of stress.  Inflammation is the cause of almost all major diseases.  If you have gout, your health is in dire need of help. A study in 2007 showed that men with gout have higher mortality rates from all diseases.  Take action now to get rid of your gout and the health risks associated with it.