So after just finishing my workout this morning, which contained zero aerobic training, by the way, I felt I should address a few things that often come up.  Now I probably ate healthier than most.  I managed to stay gluten free this Thanksgiving.  However, I did manage to make my way through a whole Paleo apple pie, thanks to the wonderful recipe from Kylie Flynn in our latest Holiday Special Magazine.  Top that off with some sweet potatoes and cinnamon ice cream, and I had my fair share of carbs.  On top of that, most of us spent the day sitting around and not moving, and if you were unlucky like me, you had a less than comfortable sofa to sleep on.  This ultimately leaves you with some hurdles to get over when waking up on Friday morning.

  • First hurdle, getting out of bed.  After falling into an insulin induced coma you called sleep, you wake up feeling like you almost got no sleep at all.  Solutions:  Will power and coffee with heavy cream.  
  • Second hurdle, fighting off morning carb cravings.  Yesterday way a blood sugar high that you are now coming off of. Unfortunately there is no rehab clinic for carbohydrate abusers.  Just ask Nick Nolte. If there was, he would have been there by now too.  Solution:  Have your coffee to get some cortisol going and use the heavy cream.  Next step, gather up a source of protein.  If you can’t bring yourself to eat meat, try a protein shake (no carbs).  The next phase is get moving in the morning.  
  • Third hurdle, aches and pains from inflammation and poor sleep.  Insulin increases inflammation and on top of that, many people are likely consuming foods they have intolerances to over this time as well.  Combine that with lack of movement and sleep and you’re left with a stiff and aching version of yourself.  Solution:  Get moving and get a sweat going.  My favorite thing to do after a period like this is to take a few shakes of Inflam PX and sit in the sauna.  While in the sauna I will stretch and move around.  This really gets the lymph and fluids going from a long period of inactivity and gluttony.  Getting in for a workout also helps immensely.
  • Hurdle 4, avoiding the mid-day crash.  Now if you slept poorly, a mid day nap is not a bad idea at all, as long as you have overcome the first 3 hurdles.  However, if a quick power nap is not an option, the next best solution is to make sure you get that workout in and then use green teas and stay away from leftover pie.  If you indulge in the same practices from the night before, you will have to start this process over again on Saturday.
I hope this helps many of you have a wonderful Black Friday.  Overall don’t forget, don’t stress and enjoy yourself.  Be calm in lines, and driving.  The less cortisol you make, the younger you feel.  

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