Undoubtedly as the holidays come, many people will choose to indulge in their favorite treats, and their Mom’s home cooking.  When the will power is lacking and the choices may be few, here are some great supplements that can come to the rescue.


  1. Fiber – Fiber is a great thing to supplement when you know high carb meals are coming.  Fiber slows the absorption of carbohydrates which decreases the effect on your blood sugar, leading to less fat gain.  Fiber also is very filling and will decrease the volume of junk you eat after.


  1. Omega 3’s from fish Oil – For the holiday blues, fish oils will increase levels of serotonin (the “happiness” neurotransmitter) and decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety. Fish oils also turn off the lipogenic genes (which store fat), turn on the lipolytic genes (which burn fat) and reduce carbohydrate cravings.


  1. NAC – 2 Plex by Poliquin – This supplement helps convert carbohydrates into energy, along with helping in the breakdown of fat and cholesterol. It also helps repair the damage done from high sugar intake.


  1. Insulinomics and Fenuplex by Polqiun – These two supplements combine as a one-two punch against insulin.  insulinomics improves insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake and decreases fat storage.  Fenuplex contains 3 ingredients that help reduce insulin and improve sensitivity while repairing the pancreas.
  2. R- Alpha Lipoic Acid – This is a fatty acid that helps you shuffle more energy to be stored in muscles as lean mass as opposed to storing excess blood glucose as fat.
  3. Carnosine – Is a amino acid that helps prevent the formations of AGEs.  When you eat high sugar foods, it binds to protein in your blood, making a syrup like substance called AGEs (advanced glycation end products).  These AGEs are responsible for a host of health problems, and accelerate the aging process.


A good way to prepare for a heavy meal would be to take some fiber (5-15g) and fish oil (2-6capsules) before the meal and then during the meal you could include the following Poliquin products : 3 Yang R-ALA or Yin R-ALA if in the evening, 2 NAC-2 Plex, 2 Carnosine Supreme, 2 Insulinomics, and 2 Fenuplex.  Adding in extra antioxidants this day will also help the body deal with the stress of the meal.  This isn’t a free pass, but if you have been training hard in the gym, this could turn a fattening meal into an anabolic feast for your lean muscle.

You can order all or any of these supplements at www.hansonperformance.com/supplements


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