1.  I need to lose weight to get healthy

For most people they need to focus on living a healthier lifestyle to lose weight, not constantly be in the pursuit of weight loss to try and be healthier.  It’s no secret that having less fat is better for you, but many times those extra pounds are a symptom of a body full of toxins and a metabolism that desperately needs quality nutrition to run.  Jumping on the next craze puke your guts out routine or crash diet will only make things worse down the road. GET HEALTHY TO LOSE WEIGHT!  The girl on the right weighs less, but guess who has better health?


2. If I want to lose weight I need to do cardio!

I know this is a repeat but I can’t say it enough.  One of my favorite things is when a woman tells me she just wants to slim down and not get all bulky so by rational she wants to do lots of cardio and not very much resistance training with weights.  I’m am still waiting to see where this area of the world is where all these Herculean women that are just overly muscled from lifting weights.  It’s probably right next to the imaginary place where all the people that are slimmed and toned from walking on the treadmill every day.  If cardio equipment was even remotely effective, every personal trainer would be out of business.  It’s simply nothing more than great marketing for shinny expensive electronics.

3.  I don’t need supplements if I eat healthy

First off, almost 100% of people I encounter have a different definition of eating healthy than I do.  The above is true for less than 1% of people in the US, and those people are already at a healthy body composition and extremely healthy.  They would still see benefits from supplementation though.


4.  Functional training is the best way to lose fat

Functional training is the new buzz word in fitness for trainers.  It is very misunderstood, and has a different definition depending on who you ask.  The truth is, thebest way to lost weight is hard work that is very well designed.  Basic weight training movements like squats, lunges, and deadlifts are better fat burners than any TRX on a bosu with a medicine ball on your head exercise.  Real fat loss programs come from controlling variables like tempo, rest, duration and intensity.  Functional exercises may be hard, but they should be a very small part of your program (2-4 weeks at the most for beginners).


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